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29mm Nerd Powerbar PRO

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 240 × 10 × 10 cm

If the product is out of stock, your purchase will be considered as a pre-order. Since our products are handcrafted, strictly quality-controlled and complex the production time is high, up to 90 days. We do our best to always have products ready for delivery, so the times shown are to be considered a maximum limit.

29mm NERD POWERBAR PRO: more innovative, tougher, more resistant, more NERD!

Important technical data:

The NERD POWER BAR PRO yield point is  3449 Nm corresponding to:

  • Static loading: ca. 2500 kg on a competition rack;
  • Highbar Squat: over 760 kg (with 30 cm positioning surface) and 13,35 m/s2 acceleration;
  • Deadlift: over 920 kg with grip at a distance of 44 cm and 11,8 m/s2 acceleration;
  • Resistance when dropped: from 30 cm, 767 kg; from 60 cm, 484 kg; from 90 cm, 344 kg – with pins distanced 120 cm;
  • Tensile Strength: 1996 MPa (246.000 PSI)

Tension testing certificate

An essential element is the surface hardness that, for this product, reaches a value of 49 on the HRC scale, resulting in exceptional knurl duration over time.

We are proud to provide you with the most precise and accurate data on the market. We believe so strongly in our product that we are glad to show all its features!

N.B. the information provided corresponds to typical data. In order to compute this value, we consider only the worst tests results. 95% of our products exceed the listed value and for this reason they are even better. This further highlights the quality, transparency and scientific rigour of our company.

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Lifelong guarantee against bending*

*The warranty against bending does not include alterations, repairs, careless or incorrect use or storage by the owner. Careless or incorrect use includes incorrect dropping (for example letting the barbell fall on a box, bench, spotter arm or pin during squat rack, excessive dropping with inadequate or damaged bumpers, excessive dropping with cast iron plates and similar uses). Every specific problem concerning the NERD TRAINING GEAR product causing customer dissatisfaction will be considered case by case. With most of the products replaced in the past, we found that problems were caused by incorrect use and not by poor materials or production.

Out of stock

A partire da 491,49


Our company is the first to produce a 29mm powerlifting bar and designed by athletes for athletes. You do not just buy a steel bar, you participate in the future.


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We collected feedback from hundreds of expert coaches, top-level athletes and avid powerlifters who believe in our project, and we invested to make the Nerd Powerbar Pro even more innovative.


The Italian high-alloy and high-performance steel guarantees maximum performance and durability.

The top-quality features distinguishing our product are the result of studying and testing more than 30 heat treatments that allowed us to find the best compromise between elasticity and resistance.

Why is the Nerd Powerbar Pro the perfect powerlifting barbell for you and the only one you will want?

Because you designed it.

Why are we so proud of it?

Because it is the answer to the strongest athletes’ needs.


  • It includes all the features listed by IPF;
  • The best resistance capacity.
    Our barbell withstands the toughest training sessions maintaining high mechanical performance that remains unchanged over time. With a durability that is up to 10 times longer compared to the traditional barbells, it will be the oldest training mate you have ever had.
  • Surface hardness is 49 on the Rockwell C. Scale.
    A double surface hardness compared to traditional barbells, guarantees that the knurl does not wear out over time. Even in the most difficult situations, you do not have to be afraid that your barbell becomes smooth.
  • Top-level yield strength and maximum tension for top-level athletes.
    Whether you are a novice or experienced athlete your barbell will no longer limit your training. Thanks to a careful choice of materials and heat treatments, we have obtained a yield strength and a maximum tension that are among the highest  around the world (1696MPa = 246.000 psi).
  • Gripping, not ripping.
    The Vikings Veneto ASD team helped us a lot to develop the Nerd Powerbar Pro. Currently, this team is the strongest powerlifting group in Italy and chose our barbell as the official equipment for their competitions and training. Thanks to the analysis and the feedback from such athletes, we decided to include again the volcano knurl in the new barbell. The knurl design is strong but not invasive and makes the new Nerd Powerbar Pro unique and perfect for athletes.

However, there are also other reasons to choose the new Nerd Powerbar Pro: the surface treatment, galvanisation, makes it incredibly resistant to wear and corrosion.

This bar has been modernised and improved without forgoing the typical hand feeling in the hand that distinguishes us from the competition.

Also we strongly believe that nowadays any project should also consider the environment, since working in a sustainable way is a responsibility that cannot be ignored. For this reason, we prefer local production with local craftspeople. This allows us to directly control the quality of our products while supporting the economic growth of our country.

The Nerd Powerbar Pro is 100% made in Italy. The design, development, provision of raw materials, production and packaging are managed by Italian companies. By choosing our barbell, not only will you get stronger but you will also participate in consolidating and strengthening the Italian economy and the reputation of ‘Made in Italy’ in the world.

Together we can make our dream come true!

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 240 × 10 × 10 cm


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