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50kg, 25kg, 20kg, 15kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2,5kg, 1,25kg, Set 159kg, Set 259kg, Set 359kg, Set 459kg

Il prodotto non è attualmente in magazzino e non è disponibile.

How can a steel plate be innovated? Is it possible to improve such a simple object?

These were the initial questions for the NERD calibrated steel plates project.

Our first answer was to choose 100% Italian raw materials and labour, guaranteeing the best quality and local production.

However, this was not enough to make a difference, and so we decided to design the first competition calibrated steel plates 100% machined from solid steel with a computer numerical control milling machine!

What does it mean?

  • Precision and surface finish with higher quality than the sector standards: usually competition plates are obtained from moulds and the surface finish lacks quality and precision. Machining them using a numerically controlled milling machine is difficult and expensive but this process guarantees a smooth, precise and fine surface finish;
  • Dimensions and calibration are regulated according to the IPF standards;
  • Lettering and 3D inserts to dovetail the plates: thanks to the profile in relief a plate can be attached to the following one allowing the plates to move together with the following benefits:
    • Vibration and noise are reduced
    • The plates are more compact and this is essential to reduce barbell bend
    • Our AXLE BAR is designed in a way that attach the plates securely to the barbell. During AXLE PRESS competitions it is important that both barbell and plates rotate together when doing the rotation on the stomach. For this reason, our NERD AXLE BARS feature a raised profile sleeve with a special design that allows our plates to dovetail perfectly. In this way, our plates and barbell become a single steady solid unit.

Porous paint: together with the raised profile it makes the plate very easy to carry.