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Peso 30 kg
Dimensioni 125 × 4 × 32 cm

Panca Completa, Solo schienale

Il prodotto non è attualmente in magazzino e non è disponibile.

What is the first thing we do when we decide to design a new product? We talk to elite athletes and enthusiastic powerlifters. We are strength sport athletes too, so their demands are our demands.

For a POWERLIFITING BENCH, the requests are always the same:

  • Maximum grip;
  • Competition dimensions and height;
  • Stable and firm backrest;
  • Feet positioned close together;
  • Attach to rack for perfect centring.

These requests are due to the lack of products with such features on the market, especially when we talk about 100% made in Italy production. Nerd Training Center decided to satisfy these needs.

We chose an extremely resistant material for the frame to guarantee maximum firmness and safety.

The bench is designed with a single foot base for excellent setup and maximum performance.

We contacted a Bolognese craftsman who handmakes every single backrest for our benches. This is not only a quality guarantee but also a step forward in championing Made in Italy production, one of the main objectives of our company.

Technical specifications:

  • Regulation IPF bench dimensions;
  • Eco-leather surface for maximum grip: we chose the same leather used for motor-cross bikes. The seat grip has to be guaranteed even in the most extreme conditions. In this way, we guarantee maximum stability and performance! Furthermore, using eco-leather makes our product eco-friendly and cruelty-free (an issue ignored by many companies in our sector);
  • Very resistant frame made of 40mm to 60 mm diameter and 3mm thick tubing. Our bench is made of the tubing often used for racks. This guarantees high stability and resistance;
  • Back feet attachable to rack. We design the bench to be attached to different racks used in our sector. Obviously, it is compatible with the NERD TRAINING GEAR racks.