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Mensile 2 sessioni settimanali, Mensile 3 sessioni settimanali, Mensile 4 sessioni settimanali, Mensile 5 sessioni settimanali, Semestrale 2 sessioni settimanali, Semestrale 3 sessioni settimanali, Semestrale 4 sessioni settimanali, Semestrale 5 sessioni settimanali, Annuale 2 sessioni settimanali, Annuale 3 sessioni settimanali, Annuale 4 sessioni settimanali, Annuale 5 sessioni settimanali

Il prodotto non è attualmente in magazzino e non è disponibile.

This package gives you the opportunity to work out at the NERD TRAINING CENTER using our fantastic equipment and under the expert supervision of our coaches.

You do not have to be subscribed to our coaching packages.

With this product we offer you:

  • Top-level gym: we are nationally recognised as an excellent centre and our staff is highly specialised and trained;
  • Opportunity to work out on your own: you can decide to be supervised by us or work out on your own using our equipment and benefitting from the expert guidance of our coaches.
  • Top-quality competition equipment: we design and develop the best strength-training equipment on the market. In our centre, you will find all our products and you can use them to perfect your workout.
  • Attentive supervision: a maximum of 8 people can work out at the NERD TRAINING CENTER at any time, and a coach will always be there to supervise training.

Do you want the most from your workout? We look forward to seeing you!